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Recording Ideas Quickly

Have you ever sat down to record a demo of a song and piece it together, only to not know where to start? What you need is a template!

What do you mean?

By a template I mean a session you can load into your DAW complete with plugins and channels all set up for quick starts!

How do I go about it?

First thing to consider is: What tracks do I normally use on a song?

Obviously there's things like rhythm guitars, drums, bass etc, but what about synths and other weird things? Make a little note of all the channels you normally use on a song, for example:

1. Drum Midi Plugin

2. Bass

3. Rhythm Guitar Left

4. Rhythm Guitar Right

5. Lead Guitar 1

6. Lead Guitar 2

7. Keys/Synths

8. Lead Vocals

9. Backing Vocals

10. Backing Vocals

That's a pretty straight ahead setup for demoing music!

What next?

Now load up your DAW as if you were going to demo a song, open up your favourite drum Midi plugin (for example EZ Drummer 2) and load up your favourite drum kit. Then load up a bass channel and set it to the correct input you normally record bass to.

Go along and do this for all the tracks you need, setting up inputs now and any plugins (for example guitar amp simulators) you use.

Then SAVE this template. Different DAWs work in different ways, but a quick google search will reveal how to do this in your DAW.

Studio One Template Screen

Now, when you want to demo an idea you don't have to spend ages loading up plugins, just open the template and go! With all your presets ready! It can also help focus the mind creatively thinking of appropriate parts in the moment.

Doing this frees up your brain to think creatively instead of practically, a little work here means a lot more fun and less work down the line! Try it today.


What are your thoughts? Is there anything I missed you consider essential? Comment below to let me know!

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