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How To Get That Guitar Tone Nailed

Guitar is a funny thing to record with a ton of variables to consider. Now obviously things like your choice of guitar, amps and pedals are important but here are XXX things to consider before recording that riff...

1. String Choice

This one may not be immediately obvious, but strings majorly affect your tone! If you want brighter guitar strings, go for steels, want something more dull? Go for something like nickel strings. Doing this is quite an easy fix for tone if it's not right

String gauge is also one to bear in mind. Simply put a pack of 12-52 gauge strings are going to sound... well thicker than a pack of 9-42's so if you're looking for a thick tone, keep that one in mind

2. Pickup Choice

Most guitarists I'm aware of tend to stick to the neck pick up of a guitar, sounding full and throaty when used. Now this is great, but in a standard humbucker guitar you have that neck pickup too! That second pickup will have a much rounder, warmer tone, often great for clean or bluesier passages. Try messing with your pickup choice as you may discover the other pickup much better

3. Tone/Volume Knob

Probably the most criminally underused controls in a guitarists arsenal!

Do you want that extra volume boost from a solo? Try keeping that volume knob on 7/10 and turning up to 10 for the solo! Free gain!

Similarly, that tone knob has a full range of motion, and the different tonalities that can come out are amazing! Give it a go!

3. Guitar Pick

Using a flimsy thin pick? Try a thicker one (and vice versa!) it could unlock a lot in your playing.

The angle you use your pick at and where you pick (towards the neck or bridge) also have huge effects on tone so give that a go!

Ultimately recording guitar is down to taste. Maybe instead of switching guitar amps for a section, try some of these simple tips to vary up your tone! It's a load of fun experimenting with these simple alternate techniques.


What are your thoughts? Is there anything I missed you consider essential? Comment below to let me know!

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