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How to harness Facebook Ads for your music release

Getting the most out of Facebook advertising is hard, it's a fast-moving platform so any specific information goes out of date QUICK! So here's some great hints for how to plan and execute your next campaign:

1. Plan Your 'Ideal Fan Avatar'

Avatar - get it!?

There's a million and one ways to target on Facebook ads, so you need to narrow it down! What does the 'typical' fan of your music look like? How old are they? Where they live? What other things do they enjoy?

If you can build an avatar you'll be in a much better space to create targeting for your advert. If you have enough likes on Facebook you can trawl through the data of people who like your page, alternatively if you have an Instagram business page it will give you some data about your followers. It's all useful stuff!

2. Have A Clear (And Simple!) Call To Action

Any Ad you create needs to have a straightforward and obvious call to action. What do you want people do you? Do you want more Facebook/Instagram follows? Do you want people to listen to your music? Do you want people to go to a gig? Whatever it is, have a clear goal in mind

3. Create An Ad That Draws The Eye And Brings Them To Your Call To Action

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is 'Disruptive advertising' (as in, they weren't looking for it, but it appeared anyway), SO you need to disrupt the user from the flow of scrolling down Facebook. It could be an eye-catching picture, it could be a music video, work out what it should be and do it! The text should be clear and should direct the person to ONE call to action - want them to listen to your music? Provide a link to your Spotify.

It's worth saying that as at time of writing, video is king of Facebook ads right now, they work better and more people stop to watch.

It's also worth split-testing your advert, that is, creating two similar (but slightly different) ads and competing them against each other. After a few days select the winner and select something else to split test. That way your ads are being constantly refined.

4. Be Willing To Loose A Little Money To Learn The System


Unfortunately it's very easy to spend a lot of money not achieving anything on Facebook, you have to be ultra careful. If it's your first campaign, set a really sensible spending limit and see where it gets you. Consider it money to learn the system from which you'll be much better informed about what the platform can do for you.

If you get it right Facebook ads can be amazing, but you have to spend the time getting it right!

Go forth and create your ads! Any questions please do contact me via the form on my website, I love chatting with musicians about all things music-related.


What are your thoughts? Is there anything I missed you consider essential? Comment below to let me know!

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