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Harnessing the Power of Instagram

All bands should be on Instagram. It may be a controversial suggestion to some, but simply put you're missing out if not! It's a much more basic system than Facebook, but that naturally creates more direct interaction with your fans. There are a few things you need to get right to make the most of your time on there:

Getting Your Bio Right

Simply put, don't over-complicate it! You may be a 70's style hard rock band with prog leanings and a suggestion of neo-classical style, but why say that when you could say something like 'Hard Rock band from London', much neater, cleaner and direct. There's a time and place for your full band history, this isn't it!

Possibly the most important consideration when it comes to your bio is getting your link correct. Instagram allows you to put in 1 link, so make it count! It might be a link to your latest single if that's where you want to direct people. Another option is to create a free Linktree account and link there. Whatever you do, make sure your music is highly accessible to anyone discovering you the first time.

Posting Regularly and Consistently

If you want to do well, post regularly and post consistently. Instagram algorithms will naturally reward this and shoot you up hashtags so more people can discover you.

There's all sorts of things to post about, band updates, gig photos, random posts about life. Basically, people are coming to Insta to find out what you're like as a band and as people, don't make it too staged, be real! Posts about other things like time in a recording studio or detailed posts like the meaning behind song lyrics can be great ideas too!

Post To Your Instagram Story Regularly

Instagram stories are the major way of upping your rating in the algorithm, more people will naturally see your posts and engage with your profile, so don't neglect it!

In terms of what to post, keep it fun, similar things to a 'normal' post can be considered, video does especially well on a live, creating engagement with your content.

Engage with People

If you're looking for a major takaway from this blog, I'd say this is it, something not done so well by so many bands. It's all very well throwing out content, but you've also got to engage with people! Like comments on your posts and reply where you can! If you can visit the profiles of people who are following you, make fun comments where you think of them!

People who like and follow your band will LOVE this, it creates a truly positive culture around the band, making people feel included, don't neglect it as it's such an easy thing to do!


What are your thoughts? Is there anything I missed? Comment below to let me know!

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