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Do I need a mixing engineer near me?

When looking for a mixing engineer, does their location matter? Or can I look anywhere?

That's a really important question, something worth discussing in detail.


Location Location Location

If there's one thing the pandemic has taught us, it's that a lot of meetings that used to be in person can be held online. It may be that you like going to a mixing engineers studio and discussing the mix and making live changes, but do you NEED to?

Well not necessarily, it is perfectly possible to have meetings online, and use online systems to make real-time changes to a mix. Indeed it could be a really convenient option to hire someone on the other side of the world - they mix whilst you sleep, and whilst they sleep you can discuss changes as a band. It could be a real Win-Win!


Hiring The Right Person

The real decision you have to make is 'Do I like the SOUND the mixing engineer brings?' Ultimately you as a band have to look at the kinds of mixes they are putting out and evaluate if that's a good choice.

Many mixing engineers (including myself) will give a free sample text mix to help you work it out. It can be SUPER helpful to hear your music through their thoughts and processes - you can evaluate whether they are a good fit for your sound or not.

The other side of things when hiring a mixing engineer is... well... are they a dick? You don't want to work with someone awkward or difficult, so how receptive are they to your ideas? How do you enjoy talking with them? How quickly do they get back to you. This can be really important in your considerations too.


Making The Right Decision For You

Ultimately, I cannot tell you what to do, only suggest that you should not be limited by location. Should the right mixing engineer be on your doorstep, then great!

Of course, if you enjoy the face-to-face contact and that is a big part of mixing for you then that's certainly to be considered, but services like Zoom can really expand your horizons!

Thanks For reading, if you're interested in trying out a mix with me, head to the 'Request a Free Test Mix' to get the ball rolling!

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