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Your music made great!

Phil Salter is a skilled mix engineer who helps bands and solo performers to transform the recordings they made at home or in a studio into pro-quality audio.


We take

your music, recorded anywhere, and

bring it to


What past clients say...

Very professional, attentive to detail, great communication and quick turnaround. Would highly recommend!


Lucas Tadini

Phil mixed and mastered our new single and the results are absolutely great. We've had some outstanding responses to the song, so we know he was the right choice! He's quick, and focuses on results.

Erik Raab, Raventador

Phil took what we gave to him and cleared everything up, making it sound so powerful. He was very approachable, understanding, passionate and has great skills with mixing and mastering.

Ian Johnson, King Voodoo

Really pleased with the final product - but also the service was great. We were able to give our input at various steps along the way so that we got the sound we were after.

David Whalley,
November Now

Hear some of Phil's mixes

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